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good morning
by Brooke (weaseldance)
at January 5th, 2011 (07:17 pm)

Long morning
Cold realizations
Tense goodbyes
Two-way struggles
Tears that both soothed and exhausted
Let the adventure commence:
Predetermined was the beauty of the end:
But unsure was the road, so I held
Tightly to the known, He best agree.
Good morning.
Proud confessions.
Grateful goodbyes.
One-way struggles, blinded.
From my arms, comfort secured tightly.
From my lips, lies flow sweetly,
But to my defense, it’s too late,
Too late to set your heart straight,
Too late for your escape.
You’re no longer my burden,
Send you off, if that’s all it takes,
In tears freshly bathed, heart secured in my locket, a tip in your wallet,
You’re the next best thing,
But get away, she can’t fight it,
Nor will you, next time I try.
Good morning, God Bless.
Send you off with a half-kiss goodbye.